Robin Greenstein - videos

My Youtube channel includes many performance videos and teaching videos on guitar, banjo and uke. In addition folks have created videos for several of my songs that you can also view there. Please consider subscribing here. It's free!

Below are a few videos - for a larger selection, click here ( or if the link doesn't work, try When subscribed, you will be notified of new uploads.


"Here I Am (HIneni)" - Original song from the new CD Tears and Laughter,
recorded by Jeff Nuttle at the Southeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference,May 2016.

"I'm Flying Home Tonight" - Original song from the new CD Tears And Laughter,
recorded by Jeff Nuttle at NE Regional Folk Alliance Conference, Nov. 2015. With Jackie Damsky on violin.

"West Coast Swing" - Original song: (trio, live at Club Med)

"Slow Burn" - original song - live showcase at SERFA 2013 Conference, with Mike Lindauer on bass)


"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" (Bob Dylan): on banjo (I was signed to his publishing company for several years).


Traditional song: on banjo (clip): "The Devil and the Farmer's Wife"

Cover song: "Someone To Watch Over Me" (George and Ira Gershwin) on guitar:


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